Major arcana number 3, the Empress, arcane majeure numéro 3, l’Impératrice

Major arcana number 3, the empress, tarot card


Simone Weil. She came back from ’Auschwitz. She built a family. She fought for women’s rights and took part in the building of Europe. 


The feminine power in the widest meaning, conceive, create.
The value of politics when it is driven by will to make the life of others better. 

Interpretation trails

Not to set oneself limits because of one’s sex.
To assess one’s beliefs, to defend them.
To expand one’s creativity and to embody it.
To think by oneself. Not to be under the influence of others.
To express one’s ideas. 
To translate one’s ideas in actions. To develop projects. 
To make things progress.
To work for the common good.
To take responsibilities.
To dare being socially ambitious..
Not to deny one’s femininity.  
Not to be afraid of exercising authority if it is necessary to the achievement of projects.