Tarot major arcana 4, the emperor, arcane majeure 4, l’empereur

tarot major arcana 4, the emperor


I found the vintage cards very obsolete in their representation of the masculine power. Images of a toxic power : imperialism, male chauvinism, inherited power and not deserved. I preferred the image of the orchestra conductor.



The truly enlightened power.
Competence. An orchestra director must have extensive musical knowledge. 
Being able to guide, to drive. 
Clear vision. 


Interpretation trails

A poxer exists that can make a society function with the greatest possible harmony. 
A power that drives people toward being at their best.
That power has to be exerted by someone who earned his position by his human qualities and his competences.
I must be caring, stable. 
It must provide the impetus. It must guide, coordonate, provide wise pieces of advice, give access to appropriate means.
It must organize, set a frame which allows one to make the most of  one’s talents. 
Beware of the fake protectors, of authoritarianism, of power brutally exercised.