Major arcana number 2, the High Priestess, arcane majeure numéro 2, la papesse

Major arcana 2, the high priestess


Consistent with the Magician card. But, this time, the laboratory is Marie Curie’s. 


The power of intelligence, will, perseverance.
The secret life of things.
The power of what we can not see.
Knowledge. Science.

Interpretation trails

Listen to the words of people who have knowledge, who can teach you.
Learn. Work. Go to the bottom of things. Carry on.
To go higher spiritually more than materially.
To have intellectual or creative ambitions more than materialistic ambitions.
To try and unravel mysteries.
Make use of hidden forces. 
Do not bet everything on mind. Marie Curie began her trip towards the Nobel Prize with a love story.
To distrust ignorance, superstition, materialism,  fake news and  populism.