Work in progress and disagreable truths

Dialogue with my great son, Léon, 6
– Who is she?
– Olympe de Gouges.
– Why do you paint her ?
– Because she fighted for women’s right.
– Is she alive (Yes, Léon is obcessed by our mortality)
– No
– How did she died ?
– Her head was cut.
– With what ?
– Euh… With a machine called guillotine.
And there, I decided not to linger on the subject despite the interest of kids for gory details and resolutely spoke of something else.

Later on, dialogue with my son, Pierre, 26. Same beginning but I gave more details about who she was. 
– A she revolutionnary who wanted the same rights for women that for men. Male revolutionnaries chopped her head so that she understoood clearly that all men should be equal in rights was meant for male citizens only. 
Pierre looked a bit surprised and made an ironic comment about hushing women for their arrogance.

work in progress, a portrait of Olympe de gouges