Heineken, painting of a chimera

Yes, Heineken.
It began with an advertisement for the beer whose lines and colors I liked.
I made an ACEO based on a part of that advertisement and then developed it in a full painting.
I think it will be the last of the series “on the tracks of the color wizard” because it synthetizes so many memories, the bold colors my dad engineered, the industrial environment in which I lived the first years of my life and the beer which is a beverage loaded with souvenirs in our family.
Some paintings of the series are not yet completed and I may create others but this one is somehow final.

But the chimera?The chimera is the idea that I could achieve what I have in my dream.

Mozart said: The true work of art is but the shadow of the divine perfection

I could change it in :My art is but the shadow of my art dreams

Acrylic on cardboard, 70x100cm