Rêver, poème et dessin ; to dream, poem and drawing

To dream of pink tulle mornings
light kisses of flowers bloomings
To dream of blue organza days
Smiles and songs of happy kids
To dream of rainbow colored lace
Sweet madeleines tasting of honey
To dream of orange silk evenings
Lulled by whispering angel’s wings
To dream of blond faille seconds
Joyful music, wandering moods
To dream of black velvet nights
Slow trips, shimmering stories

Watercolor drawing and pastel on kraft paper, 65cm x 80cm. Inspired by a Picasso painting and by the levi-strauss armchair my first piece of furniture, bought for a pittance when I was seventeen, but shared with a Nobel prize winner (he bought the stool). I nursed my children in that armchair and one of my younger grand children has been also nursed in it. 

To dream, drawing and poem