First major arcana, the magician – La première arcane majeure, le magicien

Lots of going back and forth for this one and in the end I chose to draw something very simple and very personal. 


The table in the Visconti tarot. An alchemist. A magician. The color wizard. My father or at least his laboratory


Color holds the power to enchant. It puts joyfulness, pleasure in every day’s life. 
The alchemist and the magician’s powers : transform lead in gold, metamorphose things, but also trick the gullible ones.
The number one evokes beginning. It also evokes childhood before the age of reason.

Interpretation trails

To nurture one’s talents, one’s abilities. 
To act, to dare, to undertake, to show initiative.
To make use of the powers of affability. To be charming in the meaning of being polite, pleasant, agreable.  
To approach life, the others with a smile.
To make good use of what life gave you.
To see things from the good side. To be positive.
To be focused. To resort to logic, intelligence. To show pragmatism.
To experiment to progress : “Trial and error”.
To cultivate one’s self-confidence.
A small lick of painting can give a new life to objects, to places.