The color wizard tarot, drawing the major arcana, why – le tarot du magicien des couleurs, pourquoi dessiner les arcanes majeures

My meetings with divinatory tarot 

Who gave me a tarot game when I was 20, I don’t remember, but I remember clearly having read the cards for some of my friends and having been frightened by the power it gave me over them. So frightened that I quickly stopped.
Seduced by its beauty and attracted by its name, I bought the Visconti tarot ten years ago.
One of my nieces enjoys having her future read. 
So, I decided to emulate numerous artists and give my version of the tarot, beginning with the major arcanas.

Interest of the divinatory tarot

Tarot must not be taken with exceeding seriousness. It just a light hand to guide one. 
It is useful to clarify a problem, a question using cards with a hig evocative value and a great evocative power, solution cards, trumps to succeed. In the first games, trumps were called triumphi, triumphs. Very useful cards to succeed in life’s game.
They are useful to begin a conversation and be able to look at situations with other perspectives.
Some sort of playful coaching. 
Tarot helps to see the future more clearly because it enlightens the consultant, mostly over himself through the dialogue with and around the cards. Possibly internal dialogue. It enables drawing possible paths to solve problems. 
The reflection over the drawn tracks makes true paths emerge. The reaction related to an iconography loaded with meaning allows one to think over oneself and one’s way of advancing in life and also on ones strength, weaknesses, wishes, authentic or not, reachable or not, potentially satisfying or not. 
What do I wish really ? I truly ?
What is really the right direction ?
What paths may I envision taking to fulfill those objectives ?
What forces can I find in me or around me to go forward in the right direction  ?
What forces in me or around me can harm my progression, my personal fulfillment ?

the color wizard tarot