D’un coeur d’épines à un coeur de roses, tryptique mixed media painting. From a heart of shards to a heart of roses, mixed media tryptich

D'un coeur d'épines à un coeur de roses, tryptique mixed media painting

Ça a commencé par une discussion à propos des points de Damien Hirst et ça a continué autour d’une citation.
It has begun by a gamme about Damien Hirst and  it went on around a quote,
“I used to have a cat, an old fighting tom, who would jump through the open window by my bed in the middle of the night and land on my chest. I’d half awaken. He’d stick his skull under my nose and purr, stinking of urine and blood. Some nights he kneaded my bare chest, powerfully, arching his back, as if sharpening his claws, or pummeling a mother for milk. And some mornings I’d wake in daylight to find my body covered with paw prints in blood; I looked as though I’d been painted with roses.” Opening paragraph of annie dillard’s pilgrim at tinker creek.

Et l’histoire commence
Avec un coeur d’épines, un
Coeur de roses l’achève
The story begins
With a heart of shards, ends with
A heart of roses

Point rouge en point rouge
Un coeur se dessine à l’encre
Et parle d’amour tendre
Red dot to red dot
A heart is drawn out of ink
And tells tender love

J’ai cueilli des fleurs
Et j’ai peint un cœur précieux
De roses et rêves rouges
I picked up flowers
And I drew a precious heart
Red roses and dreams