Code barre Porquerolles – Portrait of an island

I painted it from right to left.
It is so hot that the sky turns white. on one side you see the cote d’azur, . When You arrive by boat from cote d’Azur, the first thing you see is a yellow and black lighthouse. Then you have a beach called silver beach (not that much silver), vegetation, my brother house (red and the light is yellow at night when big dinner parties take place), a treacherous and charming little path, the village where we go after dinner parties to have drinks with garlands of lights, a path symbolic of the paths where I run, vegetation which covers most of the Island, another path, the other side of the Island is more wild with rocky cliffs and creels (one is called gorge du loup, wolf’s gorge) and this side faces only the see.

Finished in september 2018