Be Rosie not Barbie, mixed media painting

Women’s rights need to be defended and extended where they exist and need to be gained where they are unsufficient or quite non existent. So when the real model for Rosie the riveteer died last year, I wanted to say something.

I toiled a lot before finding how to do it. My ideas where far too contorted. In the end, I decided to go straight to the point.

Unfortunately, many recent events, made my painting more meaningful than I would have wished.

Let’s hope the wheel turns again in the right direction. And sure, we will have to fight hard for it.

Ps : My work has been inspired by a poster designed by Howard Miller and published in 1942, part of a series created for the war effort. The motto on the original poster is “We can do it”. The name Rosie the riveteer was given later to that poster.

You can buy prints direct from the studio for 45 $/Euros, size 30 cm x 30 cm, signed by me. Fine art paper and archival ink. Payment via paypal using my contact mail. Postage costs not included.

You can also buy them on Saatchiart

Be Rosie not Barbie, mixed media painting